My Usual Story Time Picks

Here I will share my Usuals. These are songs or rhymes that I use over and over again. Some are favorites that we love and I can't imagine a story time without them. I may rotate them once in awhile but some like Wheels on the Bus and Shake My Silles Out and Rock a Bye Your Bear almost always find a place in my story times.

Curious George:
This little guy high-fives all of my peeps as they enter story time.
He is my baby when I do a story time for the littlest of peeps.
At the end of my toddler story times I always announce " George is available for high-fives and hugs." As the kiddos are on their way out the run up to me and gather around for their love from George. Some hug the stuffing out of him. Some just high-five him and some must do both. It is adorable!

When I do a pajamarama storytime my little friends come dressed in their pajamas and bring their favorite bedtime buddy. They will sometimes have their bears high five George. It's adorable!

Click the link below for rhyme sheets:

Family Story Time Rhymes 2013

The Ususals:

Wheels on the Bus Song by Sallie's Music Circle

Shake My Sillies Out  Song by Raffi

A is for alligator Rhyme.
A is for alligator chomp, chomp, chomp.
B is for bunny hop, hop, hop.
C is for circle big and round.
D is for when we all sit down.

Rock-a-Bye Your Bear  Song by the Wiggles (always my good bye song)

Shaky Egg Song by Sally's Music Circle


Counting: Using flannel pieces tied to my theme


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