Friday, July 12, 2013

Flannel Friday July 12, 2013

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Happy summer to everyone. We are at the half way point at my libraries and having a great summer. Our summer reading club is going strong and I am looking forward to fall, believe it or not.
 I bet you all can believe it!
I hope you all enjoy my first FF Roundup :-)
Miss Angie

Library Quine at shares adorably juice  Five Ripe Strawberries flannel.

I am honored to share Kathryn at and her  Hedgehog Fun. She said she was inspired by my Hedgehog Flannel I submitted a little while ago. Well I say great job to these adorable little creatures!!!

Sarah shares a  A Rainbow Horde of Dinosaurs at Of course we all know that green dinosaurs only eat green foods! That's why they are so green, right?

Mrs. Lisa at gives us sharks, and dinos, and shapes, and trucks....oh my!!! Her posts are inspired by fellow Flannelers. Miss Lisa shares some awesome ideas. can't resist Pete the Cat and neither can we!!! Do we cry? Goodness no!! We keep on singing our song.

Bumpin' up and Down on My Little Red Wagon might be my most favorite story time song. Katie from combines numbers, colors, and this tune to create a portable activity. "Sailing out to sea on my number one sailboat" Very catchy tune!!!

Bridget at shares 5 Colorful Dinosaurs. You can never go wrong with adorable dinosaurs.

Megan from makes us walk the plank with her ARR! Pirate flannel. shares Oh! David!  No, David. This creative flannel gives the famous David  from David Shannon's books emotions. Yes, movable eyebrows, and mouth. The drama, the trauma!!!

I am Miss Angie from I am sharing a flannel inspired by Like Miss Meg I did Pirates this week. We had so much fun singing the "Pirate wore a *insert color*  patch" song. They especially loved when the pirate wore a pink patch. I did not hand out patches this time, too many little ones; I hung them myself.

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  1. Nice job, Angie. I'm so glad you survived your first round-up. They're fun, aren't they?

  2. Beautiful job Angie. Enjoy your weekend! ~ jane

  3. The round up was really fun! I hope I can do it again sometime :-)