Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How Do Your Flowers Grow?

I will be using this flannel board in a S.T.E.M program I will be presenting. We will be talking about the parts of a flower: petals, stem, leaves, and roots. We will also talk about what a flower needs to grow: water, soil, and sunshine.

We will also be growing seeds in a CD case. I got this great idea from Pinterest. It was a pin from a very creative lady The Crafty Crow . I am super excited to do this program.

Cover image
Seeds and Seedlings
by Pascoe
Cover image
Up, Down, and Around
by Katherine Ayers

Cover image
Rose's Garden
by Peter Reynolds

This is a Flannel Friday submission click here for more information about Flannel Friday.

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  1. Love the flannel set and seed-growing-in-a-CD case idea is awesome! Thanks for sharing.