Sunday, April 28, 2013

What Can You Do With a Box?

Who doesn't love playing with a good old fashioned cardboard box. You know how it goes, you buy an amazing toy and all your little one wants is the box it came in. This storytime is celebrating the creativity that comes with playing with a cardboard box.

The simplicity of this board is....simply wonderful. I cut out 10 squares from a cardboard box and glued a magnet onto the back of each one.
First we count the boxes 1-10 then 10-1. Next I ask the children what shapes we can make with these boxes. I move the boxes around to make the creative shapes they come up with. After story time I leave the magnets out for the kiddos to play and explore on their own. They loved it!! Moms also loves it and some thought they would make their own set for home. I love to inspire :-)

The books I use for the Box story time:
Book Cover
The BirthdayBox
by Leslie Patricelli
Cover image
My Book Box
by Will Hillenbrand

Book Cover
Not a Box
by Antoinette Portis

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